Wings for Life World Run 2015-2017 2017-04-20T07:14:52+00:00

Project Description

Wings for Life World Run is a global event that takes place in thirty cities around the world. The concept is entirely unique for 2 reasons:

  1. All runners in all events start their race at the same time on the same day across the globe.
  2. There is no finish line, instead a catcher car sets off 30 mins after the runners and once they are passed, their race is over.

In the UAE the event always falls on a Sunday at 3pm in May. This means it is very challenge to market and recruit for because it is a during the working week at 3pm in close to 40 degrees of heat.

Believe was tasked with reaching out into the sporting community and corporates to raise awareness of the event and maximise participation sign ups.

Our brief was extended further to supplement the PR efforts and find partners and sponsors who would be willing to help support the event through additional marketing or added value for the runners.


  • Social media marketing
  • Partnership marketing
  • Community marketing
  • PR